lie in ruinsの例文


  1. He told us that the future lies in ruins because of them !
    やつらのせいで 未来は?
  2. Declaring victory while his own troops are fleeing the capital , and his palace lies in ruins .
    軍隊は逃げ宮殿は廃墟なのに 勝利宣言なのね
  3. The glory of three generations of the fujiwara passed as if in a dream . their great gate lies in ruins , two miles this side of the castle .'
  4. You just lost the girl , the girl you never made a move on because you were so desperate to save your family , and now your family lies in ruins .
    ちょうど貴方は 彼女を失った 貴方が決して 言い寄らなかった娘が だって貴方が 命懸けだったから
  5. Taking advantage of the fact that the capital , kyoto , lay in ruins as a result of onin war , culture began to spread out into the provinces , and even disseminated down to the commoners , who had been advancing socially thanks to the development and growth of soson (peasant villages ) and new urban areas in the provinces .


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