lie in the dustの例文


  1. Relics of life in what was the island's only town, Kantubek, lie in the dust.
  2. Empty bottles of chili sauce, boxes of powdered milk and a Snickers candy bar wrapper lie in the dust near what had been a kitchen.
  3. Martha said after she recovered that she saw her body as it lie in the dust and at the house, as if she was standing to one side with the rest of the people looking on.
  4. In 1706, her accuser, Ann Putnam, Jr ., publicly apologized to the Nurse family for accusing innocent people, naming Rebecca and her two sisters, Mary Eastey and Sarah Cloyce, in particular : " I desire to lie in the dust and to be humbled for it, for being the cause of so sad a calamity to them and their families ".


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