lift platformの例文


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  1. The Hy-Lift platform truck was introduced in 1922, and an articulated sheet handler in 1923.
  2. For this purpose a floating offshore-lift platform which had been supplied with a central cut-out for the tower was used.
  3. The divers enter the water by stepping off a dive platform or the side of the main deck, and return to the boat using a ladder or a mechanical lift platform.
  4. To incorporate the device into a lift system, multiple helical band actuators are arranged below the lift platform where they are powered by an electric motor ( s ) and synchronized scissor lift ).
  5. Baker, Rauch & Lang's Industrial Truck Division introduced a number of new products in the early twenties including a ram truck for carrying heavy steel coils as well as a line of low-lift platform truck and cranes.


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