limb jointsの例文


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  1. But for a limb joint, it's not at all clear that there wouldn't be advantages.
  2. The torturers hacked off limbs joint by joint, tore flesh with red hot tongs, and used drugs to enslave the minds of the victims.
  3. When the condition presents before the age of 18, it is more likely to cause pain and swelling of large lower limb joints, such as the knees.
  4. The oil, which was virtually non-compressible and readily displaceable, would allow the limb joints to move freely at depths of, where the pressure was.
  5. They concluded that chemicals in the plastic reacted with iron bits in the dolls, producing a vinegary acid that slowly seeped from eye sockets and limb joints into other body parts, causing more degeneration.


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