limb leadsの例文


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  1. For the limb leads, they are " bipolar " and are the comparison between two electrodes.
  2. Einthoven's triangle is an imaginary formation of three limb leads in a triangle used in electrocardiography, formed by the two shoulders and the pubis.
  3. In the newer machines, there are 6 chest leads and 4 limb leads, so once positioned, they don't have to be repositioned.
  4. So after being hooked up, the operator would have to select and run brief strips for each of the 6 limb lead combinations and then the 6 chest leads, followed by a longer " rhythm strip ".
  5. Together with leads I, II, and III, augmented limb leads aVR, aVL, and aVF form the basis of the hexaxial reference system, which is used to calculate the heart's electrical axis in the frontal plane.


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