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  1. Seid is enjoying his victory, but he is not entirely satisfied : " Cento leggiadre vergini " / " A hundred lissom virgins asked love of me " he says, but " my heart beats only for Gulnara ".
  2. In his review of the 2008 recording by the Kansas City Symphony, Rob Barnett writes, " This music is smooth, full of lissom invention and generally in the style of Schumann and Mendelssohn . . . Truly charming is the skipping flute figuration in'Banquet Dance '.
  3. "Another nest placed also in the shelter of a low manuka cushion showed more care in construction; on granite grit and sand thickly littered with " dracophyllum " needles, it was piled a couple of inches high with moss, softest lichen and minutest lengths of frayed lissom manuka twiglets.
  4. i would like to check for a medcine ( Bio-Lissom ), it must be for reducing fats & written on the packet that it had been authenticated by American FDA . I want to provide from the accurat of this medicne due to making problems with me afterusing  Preceding talk ) 21 : 18, 28 November 2009 ( UTC)
  5. Ray Robinson thought that Kippax's batting " had a silky quality not seen in any other player of his time or since "; he captivated the crowds with his late cut when he, " made a lissom bow over the ball and stroked it away with the bat's face downward, as if to squeeze the ball into the ground ".


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