local emergency planning committeeの例文


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  1. He serves as treasurer of the Catoosa County Local Emergency Planning Committee.
  2. He was also involved in the Muskegon County Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Muskegon Lake Public Advisory Committee, and the White Lake Public Advisory Committee.
  3. "' Local Emergency Planning Committees "'( LEPCs ) are community-based organizations that assist in preparing for emergencies, particularly those concerning hazardous materials.
  4. The company violated the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act by failing to immediately notify the Power and Bannock Counties'Local Emergency Planning Committees or the State Emergency Response Commission of the release.
  5. In developing the ACP, the OSC must coordinate with state and local response organizations, including those represented on the State Emergency Response Commissions ( SERCs ) and Local Emergency Planning Committees ( LEPCs ).


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