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  1. Are surfing the internet in spanish and in local languages
  2. The new year , hola mohalla in the local language , in the nanakshahi calendar of the sikh is march 14th .
    シク教 Nanakshahi 暦 の新年, Hola Mohalla は3月14日。
  3. According to the iranian calendar , nowrūz in the local language (the first day of the year or the new year ) is the vernal equinox .
    イラン暦では、ノウルーズ Nowrūz (元日、正月)は春分。
  4. The new year celebrated in bangladesh and the state of west bengal in india , poila baisakh in the local language , is april 14th to 15th
    バングラデシュとインド, 西ベンガル州で祝われる新年, Poila Baisakh は、4月14日から15日。
  5. Although azuchi town is often pronounced with a high falling intonation in the japanese common language , it is pronounced without inflection in the local language .


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