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  1. Try and name another golfer besides Tiger Woods who was capable of landing shot after shot between the rails _ even with a locomotive bearing down on him.
  2. There were in fact two locomotives bearing this name, the other was a mock-up used in the annual Douglas Carnival parade but the fate of this loco is unknown.
  3. The Pr class were numbered Pr138 to Pr147 and were further distinguished from other classes by the placement of running-board nameplates; each locomotive bearing the name of a prominent West Australian river, such as Chapman.
  4. One combination was developed and partially implemented in anticipation of a merger between the parent companies of the Santa Fe and ICC, locomotives bearing this color scheme can still be found occasionally in lease service.
  5. At the same time, he was appointed to look after the Downs Light Railway and started a twenty-year restoration that would ultimately result in his efforts being recognised with a miniature steam locomotive bearing his name.


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