lymph capillaryの例文


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  1. Interstitial fluid forms at the lymph capillaries as lymph.
  2. The chylomicrons are small enough to pass through the enterocyte villi and into their lymph capillaries called lacteals.
  3. Lymph capillaries have a greater internal oncotic pressure than blood capillaries, due to the greater concentration of plasma proteins in the lymph.
  4. Villus lacteals ( lymph capillary ) collect absorbed chylomicrons, which are lipoproteins composed of triglycerides, cholesterol and amphipathic proteins, and are taken to the rest of the body through the lymph fluid.
  5. Lymph vessels are channels larger than the lymph capillaries that have thicker walls, valves in their lumen and smooth muscles in their walls, thus lymph vessel lymphangion is muscular and capable of contracting on its own.


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