1. However, power soon shifted away from Muhammad Baqer Majlesi to Sultan Husayn's great aunt, Maryam Begum ( the daughter of Shah Safi ).
  2. The "'Islamic Azad University, Majlesi Branch "'( MBIAU ) is one of the branches of Islamic Azad University which is located in south of Isfahan.
  3. More controversially, Majlesi defined " science " very narrowly as " knowledge of the clear, secure ayat [ the phenomena in the world referring to God as a sign of existence, guardianship and proper dominance of God.
  4. According to Allama Majlesi, Kumayl ibn Ziyad, a confidante of Ali ibn Abi Talib had attended an assembly in the Mosque at Basra which was addressed by Imam Ali in the course of which the night of the 15th of Sha'aban ( a month ) was mentioned.
  5. Majlesi " fervently upheld the concepts of'enjoining the good'and'prohibiting evil, In one " exposition of virtues of proper behavior ", he gave directions on everything from how to " wear clothes to sexual intercourse and association with females, clipping fingernails, sleeping, waking, urination and defecation, enemas, sneezing, entering and leaving a domicile, and treatments and cures for many illnesses and diseases ."


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