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  1. Harris also stresses the relationship of the major 6th chord to the minor 7th chord.
  2. This whistle produced a bright G-major 6th chord ( GBDEG ) and, again, was heavily imitated, copies being made by many different railroads.
  3. Jazz guitarists need to learn about a range of different chords, including major 7th, major 6th, minor 7th, half-diminished, and augmented chords.
  4. The reason it is also known as Phrygian 6 is because if the scale did not have the major 6th then it would be enharmonic with the Phrygian mode.
  5. His fundamental scale is the major 6th diminished scale, but equally important are the minor sixth to diminished, the dominant seventh to diminished, and the dominant seven flat five to diminished scale.


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