major academic fieldの例文


  1. UCAS offers programs in nine major academic fields : science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, economics, literature, linguistics, education and management science.
  2. Anderson suggested joint-appointments for professors in related major academic fields, and Frank suggested using a single budget line and staying within the College of Letters and Science, but neither was suitable.
  3. The founding and subsequent editorial boards have been composed mainly of scholars and lay writers who are participating members of the LDS Church . " Dialogue " has been the main venue over the years for the publication of articles on some of the most difficult and controversial issues in LDS history and doctrine, including the problems of race ethnicity ( see Blacks and Mormonism ), women's roles, religion and politics, the history of polygamy ( see Joseph Smith, Jr . and Polygamy ), Mormons and Masonry, the Book of Mormon, the career of Joseph Smith, and many other potentially difficult issues . " Dialogue " has constantly strived for honesty and balance in its treatment of such topics and has maintained an editorial independence that has established it as the premier scholarly journal in Mormon Studies, now emerging as a major academic field at several universities.


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