make a modelの例文


  1. so we can make a model of your heart , your brain
    自分の心臓でも脳でも チップ上でモデルを
  2. and we tried to make a model that is powerful , ultralight
  3. the prison dentist used his teeth to make a model set of dentures .
    入れ歯の原型を作るのに 刑務所の歯医者が 彼の歯を使った
  4. seo-saeng bak who came to japan in 1429 made kinshin (金慎 ), a student under him , investigate ' how to make a water wheel ' closely and made him make a model water wheel , saying that ' japanese farmers use water wheels ,' and also reported a silver-gilding method , how to manufacture paper , how to generate vermillion and how to manufacture medicine called keifun .


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