1. They were intercepted by the " manglabites"
  2. The right to bear a gold-hilted sword was one of the privileges of the court rank of manglabites, and is taken as an indicator that Bolli held this rank.
  3. "' Bolli Bollason "'( also "'Bolli Bollison "') was a key historical character in the [ Note 2 ] It is believed that he had reached the rank of " manglabites " in the Byzantine army, and on his return to Iceland, his finery and recognition earned him the name " Bolli the Elegant ".
  4. In late 908 Eustathios Argyros was promoted to the rank of " magistros "  the highest court dignity open to someone not a member of the imperial family and the post of Drungary of the Watch, i . e . commander of the Leo, who served in the palace as manglabites ( personal bodyguards of the emperor ), arranged to have their father's body transferred for burial to the monastery of Saint Elizabeth in the Charsianon district, founded by Eustathios'father.


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