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  1. He is from Manglawar English languages.
  2. And on the right side lies the river Swat and after that villages of Sangota, Manglawar and Fizagat.
  3. " Of all the Buddhist relieves found on the rock near Manglawar and miles up the valley the colossal image of a seated Buddha some thirteen feet in height is certainly the most striking.
  4. The hands of the true believers much often have itched as they saw this benign-faced heathen idol looking down towards Manglawar from its heights of some three hundred feet above Shakhorai hamlet " " .
  5. The site is situated about five-km North East of present Manglawar village on the left bank of " Sair Khwar " ( Sair River ), while the old Shakhorai village ( new Jahanabad ) is on North-East of the site.


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