margherita maria guainiの例文


  1. Renato Corti, Bishop of Novara, opened the diocesan phase of the canonical procedure in view of examining the heroic virtue of Mother Margherita Maria Guaini, who is now a Servant of God.
  2. The Missionary of Jesus the Eternal Priest is a Roman Catholic religious order for women, founded by the Servant of God Mother Margherita Maria Guaini in May 1947, in Atella, Diocese of Melfi ( Italy ).
  3. Mother Margherita Maria Guaini, its founress and who is now a Servant of God, died in Varallo Sesia on 2 March 1994, at the age of 92 years, after spending her life for God and humankind, and with the commitment to continue being the " mother " of priests and those who suffer.


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