margherita paleologaの例文


  1. One was Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, whose daughter Margherita Paleologa in 1540.
  2. Indeed, it had been brought to the Mantuan Margherita Paleologa, Margravine of Montferrat, in 1531.
  3. In 1536 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor assigned the fiefdom to Margherita Paleologa and her husband, Federico II, Duke of Mantua.
  4. A cadet branch of the Mantua Gonzagas became Dukes of Nevers and Rethel in France when Luigi ( Louis ) Gonzaga, a younger son of Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua and Margherita Paleologa, married the heiress.
  5. She was named after her mother's paternal aunt Holy Roman Empress Charles leave Mantua, but returned one year later after the signing of the Treaty of Cherasco ( 19 June 1631 ), under which were recognized the rights of Duke Charles of Nevers over the Duchies of Mantua ( as the closest male relative of the extinct main line of the House of Gonzaga ) and Montferrat ( due to the marriage of his heir with Maria Gonzaga, the last surviving scion of the main Gonzaga line and heiress of that Duchy, which was demonstrably heritable by females since the Gonzagas had acquired it through marriage to Margherita Paleologa in 1540 ); however one month later ( 30 August 1631 ), Eleonora's father died of tuberculosis, and began a series of political conflicts between Duke Charles and her daughter-in-law, who ended with the banishment of Margaret of Savoy ( Maria's mother ) from Mantua.


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