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  1. Rutelli's Margherita Party said Wednesday the referendum was " unjustified and dangerous ."
  2. The Italian news agencies ANSA, APcom and AGI reported Thursday that prosecutors in Rome had opened an investigation into possible defamation after two members of the opposition Margherita party lodged a complaint.
  3. He has reportedly clashed over the plan with Francesco Rutelli, the center-left's candidate in 2001 and leader of the Margherita Party . " I'm not going to soften.
  4. Antonio Maccanico, of the center-left Margherita party, had sponsored the bill in a bid to find a bipartisan solution to the possible embarrassment of a premier on trial during the impending EU presidency.
  5. "This majority is together not to resolve Italians'problems, but to resolve the premier's problems, " said Giuseppe Fioroni, a member of parliament with the center-left Margherita party.


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