marine archeologiesの例文


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  1. It was a breakthrough, a true beginning for marine archeology.
  2. Bound, a professor of marine archeology at Oxford University, is both a diver and art historian, so many of his stories are personal encounters with the shipwrecks.
  3. The Department of Navigation is mapping all the ships sunk in the bay area, and is doing research in the area of marine archeology in the ancient town of Orikum ( Oricum ).
  4. The museum houses a lecture hall for meetings, conferences to promote the Russian history and Kronstadt history in particular, diving service, marine archeology, military history among school children and teenagers.
  5. On a more factual note, marine archeology is widening our knowledge about sites on the coastal shelf, i . e . places now under water, that bear signs of human inhabitation and civilisation.


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