material encouragementの例文


  1. The principle of motivation means that the members should be mainly motivated through material encouragement to achieve personality improvement and ethical value realization
  2. Enter the life of retired age after manager produces easily for retirement to do the opinion of plan , so emphasize the benefit of short period , influence enterprise long - term development ; 2 . since now the cimc business radiation whole country of group in stage and stepping to go abroad circle , therefore the opportunity of business trip of manager person grows , personal safety and property ca n ' t get guarantee relatively , have not established according to this special insurance with safe measure ; 3 . in the material encouragement of the cimc for manager person more relative comparison attention , and the attention degree in the aspect of spiritual encouragement is more weak relatively , this can influence the working initiative of the manager also , produces improvement influence for enterprise
  3. In the aspect of encouraging managers , the existing research and practice mainly concentrate on spirit encouragement and short - term material encouragement , so research into the problem of long - term material for manger , not only have very important actual meaning , but also is beneficial to enrich and consummate entrepreneur theory


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