material evaluationの例文


  1. After that, the train was mainly used for material evaluation.
  2. Declare is a product labeling program that relies on the LBC Red List as its primary basis for material evaluation.
  3. He has over 20 years of experience in the personal care industry and is a recognized industry expert on Ethnic Hair Care and Skin Care Product formulation and raw material evaluation.
  4. Faunalytics'methodologies are both quantitative and qualitative in nature and include depth interviews and focus groups, benchmarking and assessment studies, materials evaluation and concept testing, fundraising and donor research, and opposition research and analysis.
  5. Pharos Project was first unveiled in 2006, and was described by an HBN representative as " a user-friendly materials evaluation tool that strives to be transparent, comprehensive, independent, accurate and fair . " In 2009, the Pharos Project received an award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ).


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