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  1. There is also " The Companion Guide to The Mathematical Experience, Study Edition ".
  2. "The Mathematical Experience " attempts to describe being a mathematician, in light of the history and philosophy of mathematics.
  3. For Hersh, a practiced expositor of mathematics as co-author of " The Mathematical Experience, " ends up trying to argue that these philosophers'political views are related to their views about mathematics.
  4. These include American studies, European studies, Integrated Science Program ( ISP ), Legal Studies, Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates ( MENU ), Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences ( MMSS ), and the Writing Major.
  5. Mayberry s positive philosophical views flow from his determined adherence to a small number of philosophical doctrines inspired partly by Aristotle and partly by reflection on the almost two and a half millennia of mathematical experience, particularly that of the 19th century.


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