medial veinの例文


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  1. The transverse medial vein closes the discal cell.
  2. There are irregular patches and lines of white scales in the apical quarter, especially between veins along the costa and the termen and along veins within the vicinity of the radial and medial vein forks.
  3. It is whitish, edged with brown at the costa and angled outward on the subcostal and medial veins, incurved in the cell and oblique below the median to the inner margin before the middle.
  4. The discal cell has a pentagonal shape ( quadrangular in the Scenopininae ) apparently due to the absence of vein M 2 and the first basal cell is generally much longer than the second due to the development in length of the discal and the position of the radio-medial vein.
  5. Dacian bracelets exhibit four decorative types of leaf-like triangular lobes : first is the most complex is of oval or triangular palmettes; the second is interpreted as representing fern leaves ( e . g . the Orastie bracelet ); the third is the fir-tree motif, where the rounded lobes become straight lines resembling a fir-tree branch; and the fourth whose shape preserves only the medial vein and the circles, suggesting the spiral arching of the lobes ( e . g . the Feldioara bracelet ).


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