medical examiners and coronersの例文


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  1. Given his obsessive ( and military-honed ) demand for standards and meticulous routine, Reay often is astonished at how other medical examiners and coroners investigate a death.
  2. Shafer's research shows that nearly 3, 000 people may have been denied organ transplants between 1990 and 1992 because medical examiners and coroners held bodies for forensic evidence.
  3. Many county medical examiners and coroners won't administer the test, researchers said, either because of cost or they don't believe someone can die of carbon monoxide poisoning outdoors.
  4. "This is a difficult issue for law enforcement, for district attorneys and for medical examiners and coroners investigating these cases, " said Hargarten, who is a professor of emergency medicine.
  5. The revision, published in the September issue of the journal Pediatrics, says that investigations of sudden, unexplained infant deaths should include " appropriate utilization of available medical specialists by medical examiners and coroners ."


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