medical examining boardの例文


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  1. The Medical Examining Board and state Department of Licensing and Regulation investigated the doctors.
  2. Auditors found that the Veterinary Medical Examining Board dismissed an average of 90 percent of all complaints it received in the past four years.
  3. He served on board on the European Squadron and off Africa until 1887, when he was assigned to the Medical Examining Board in New York.
  4. He served initially in Arkansas and the Southwest United States, and was promoted to surgeon with the rank of captain in November 1879 . In 1885 he was appointed recorder of the Army Medical Examining Board.
  5. After his last duty on the USS " Michigan " in Erie, Wood served on various Naval medical examining boards in Annapolis in 1866 and 1867 and was President of the Naval Examining Board in 1868.


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