medical expenseの例文


  1. in exchange for getting money for his son's medical expense
    息子の 治療費を獲得した代わりに
  2. for his son's medical expense , it's possible he blackmailed tobe .
    息子の治療費のことを考えても ゼロではないと思います。
  3. i ended up spending more time at work to make money for that medical expense .
    その医療費を稼ぐために 結局 私は仕事仕事で➡
  4. your sister is getting medical expense support from hanshin support foundation .
    妹さん ハンシン支援財団の医療費支援事業の受給対象だったんですね
  5. amid the loud calls for reducing the medical expense to reduce the budget deficit , the federal government exhorted the nation to decrease the intake of fat and cholesterol as well as to take lots of proteins and carbohydrates .


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