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  1. At the University of Pittsburgh, he helped develop an early AI-driven medical expert system-the PROPHET system.
  2. The principal investigators on INTERNIST-I did not follow other medical expert systems designers in adopting Bayesian statistical models or pattern recognition.
  3. In 2003, he worked at Alpha Global Labs as a software and knowledge engineer working on medical expert systems and the applicability of mobile devices in medical settings.
  4. Miller and his collaborators came to see this function as a liability in the 1980s, referring to INTERNIST-I derisively as an example of the outmoded  Greek Oracle model for medical expert systems.
  5. He got a doctoral degree ( Dr . Ing ) in 1992 in the field of medical expert systems and artificial intelligence, and a master's degree ( 1985 ) in software engineering from the Technische Universit鋞 Berlin, Germany.


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