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  1. MediChem has perfected a synthetic reproduction of calanolide A, which means the company doesn't need the trees anymore.
  2. MediChem Life Sciences Inc ., Lemont, Ill ., an initial public offering of 6.4 million shares.
  3. Researchers labeled the extract from the second tree calanolide B . MediChem, the drug company, is just beginning trials in healthy humans to test its toxicity.
  4. The company expanded to an annual revenue of about $ 2 million, but was sold to MediChem, in 2000; this company in turn was later purchased by DeCODE Genetics.
  5. If, as company officials believe, the initial results are positive, then MediChem will test calanolide A in the popular drug cocktails that have extended the lives of HIV-infected patients.


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