medici codexの例文


  1. Mouton may have been the editor of the illuminated manuscript known as the " Medici Codex, " one of the primary manuscript sources of the time, which was a wedding gift for Lorenzo de'Medici.
  2. As a choral conductor he has recorded motets of Adrian Willaert with the Boston Camerata Chamber Singers, and music of the Medici Codex with the Dutch ensemble Capella Pratensis; that 2011 CD, titled " Vivat Leo!
  3. In addition, there was a composer named Lupus, often referred to by contemporary musicologists as the " Italian Lupus ", whose works survive in the Medici Codex; another composer named Lupus Hellinck, who may be the same as the " Italian Lupus "; and an entire family of musicians named Lupo.


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