medici quartetの例文


  1. The Medici Quartet has been ensemble in residence at the University of Surrey since 1996, as well as having a strong link to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
  2. Stephen Deutsch has had his concert music performed by eminent artists, including the Medici Quartet, David Campbell, The Gaudier Ensemble, Andrew Ball, The London Mozart Players and many others.
  3. The professional ensembles based at the Music Centre included the Medici Quartet and the London Sinfonietta, and the International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance was also established at the Music Centre.
  4. In chamber music performances, Lazaridis has collaborated with ensembles and artists such as the Medici Quartet, Ysaye Quartet, Vienna Octet, BT Scottish Ensemble, Hellenic Quartet, Leonidas Kavakos, Huseyin Sermet, Dimitri Sgouros, Michael Tilson Thomas, Yannis Vakarelis and Cyprien Katsaris, among others.
  5. A packed benefit held at the Piccadilly Theatre on 5 June called " Before the Act " mustered over 60 performers, among them Timothy West, Michael Cashman, Simon Rattle, Paul Eddington, Maureen Lipman, the Medici Quartet, the Pet Shop Boys, Maggie Ford, Sheila Hancock, Jill Bennett, Stephen Fry, Richard Griffiths, Harold Pinter, Joan Plowright, Anthony Sher, Michael Cashman, Ned Sherrin and Ian McKellen.


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