merged companyの例文


  1. As of october 1 , 2004 , when ' tokky company ' and ' echigo station development company ' which had been engaged in the management of station buildings under the jurisdiction of the east japan railway company ' s niigata branch merged (tokky company was the merging company ), the nickname for the three stations under the niigata branch ' s jurisdiction became ' cocolo .'
  2. Ryuzo takei , having joined makino eiga seisaku-jo tojiin studio in 1924 before the merger with toa kinema and moving to makino productions ' omuro movie studio , which was newly established after the merger in july 1924 and shozo makino ' s separation from the merged company in june 1925 , made his debut in september that year when he was selected as the leading character in all three episodes of " kiketsu onikage " (great onikage ) directed by bansho kanamori and based on the original screenplay written by rokuhei susukita .


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