michael adeaneの例文


  1. The naming of Q4 required discussion between Smallpeice and Michael Adeane, the Queen's Private Secretary, both before and after the naming
  2. Smallpeice discussed the issue with the Queen's Michael Adeane and it was agreed that they would recommend to Her Majesty that the ship be named " Queen Elizabeth ".
  3. The queen's private secretary, Sir Michael Adeane, made the offer to sacrifice the royal yacht, which is now decommissioned and a tourist attraction in Scotland, in a letter dated February 1968.
  4. The queen's private secretary, Sir Michael Adeane, offered an alternative to the Foreign Office : The queen's husband, Prince Philip, would go to the party if invited by the Shah.
  5. Prior to that, he had a briefing with Michael Adeane, the Queen's private secretary, who told Wright : " From time to time you may find Blunt referring to an assignment he undertook on behalf of the Palace  a visit to Germany at the end of the war.


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