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  1. Michael Agerskov died in 1933, but Johanne continued to answer letters and to publish up until 1938, in collaboration with their daughter.
  2. One of Malling-Hansen's daughters, Johanne Agerskov, together with her husband, Michael Agerskov, in 1920 published a religious, ethical and philosophical book, called " Toward the Light ".
  3. After many requests, Michael Agerskov in 1922 wrote the story about the extraordinary events that had led to the publishing of " Toward the Light " in the book, " Some Psychic Experiences ".
  4. In 1928 Michael Agerskov had a serious attack of influenza, and as a repercussion of the illness he developed a serious condition of increasing paralysis of the muscles, and he had to end his work as a teacher.
  5. Even though the story of " Toward the Light " had started with Johanne and Michael Agerskov's interest in spiritism, they appealed to all spiritists to stop their activities and not to call upon their dead ancestors'spirits any more.


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