michael agricolaの例文


  1. Michael Agricola died there on return from the negotiations for the Treaty of Novgorod ( 1557 ).
  2. On 2 April, in Novgorod, the treaty was put into effect by kissing the cross, following Russian tradition as demanded by Ivan IV . Michael Agricola, who translated the New Testament into Finnish and is regarded " father of the Finnish written language ", was also part of the delegation.
  3. The altarpiece, depicting the Transfiguration of Jesus, was painted in 1836 by the Romantic style by the court painter Robert Wilhelm Ekman, which depict events from the life of Jesus, and the two key events in the history of the Finnish Church : the baptism of the first Finnish Christians by Bishop Henry by the spring at Kupittaa, and the presentation to King Gustav Vasa by the Reformer Michael Agricola of the first Finnish translation of the New Testament.


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