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  1. One lawyer, Michael Aguirre, took a different view.
  2. "The governor is putting in a person who represents the utilities, " said Michael Aguirre, a San Diego attorney who has filed a taxpayer lawsuit against energy companies.
  3. Michael Aguirre, a San Diego attorney handling one of the private suits, fears California regulators and politicians are spending more time rattling cages than digging into the labyrinthine operations of the power wholesalers.
  4. Michael Aguirre, a lawyer who has threatened lawsuits if the city helps pay for a new stadium, said : " I admit that the performance of the team is a primary variable in all this.
  5. Michael Aguirre, a California securities lawyer who filed the original Freedom of Information request that led to the release of some of the documents, said he is astonished that the SEC did not investigate the rights offering.


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