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  1. Michael Ahern is the son of Liam Ahern, a Senator between 1957 and 1973, and a TD from 1973 until 1974.
  2. Michael Ahern's brother Maurice Ahern was a long standing Fianna F醝l member of Cork County Council but lost his seat in the 2009 elections.
  3. His nephew Liam Ahern served as a Fianna F醝l Michael Ahern, son of Liam Ahern, has been a Fianna F醝l TD for Cork East since 1982.
  4. The alleged scheme, which involved two companies in the business of mailing items for others, enabled them to print stamps without charge, according to Postal Inspector in Charge Michael Ahern.
  5. In 1893 the reporter Michael Ahern retracted the " cow-and-lantern " story, admitting it was fabricated, but even his confession was unable to put the legend to rest.


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