mist sprayの例文


  1. OK, he actually sweats a lot, but that is probably due to the Louisiana humidity or the mist spray of the makeup crew.
  2. The country should have about 59 million doses of injectable vaccine available and 3 million doses of the Flu Mist spray vaccine made by Medimmune.
  3. Both Swigart and American Heritage apply sealer using fine-mist spray equipment, but nonprofessionals can get good results with a paint brush and clear shellac or varnish.
  4. Many modern plasterers use a hose with a special nozzle with a fine mist spray to dampen walls when rubbing up ( using a wood float to bring a consistent finish ).
  5. She took one step ahead by announcing three variants of body mists spray  " I Love You ", " Spotlight " and " Berry Beautiful " through her own brand namely " Mystical by Fazura " under her own company label, Doll Domination, which was launched on 14 October 2015 at her boutique, whilst saying she wanted to focus more on building her empire.


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