mist sprayerの例文


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  1. This part of the ride has mist sprayers under it, although these do not always run.
  2. Foggers fulfill a similar role to mist sprayers in producing particles of very small size, but use a different method.
  3. This exposure is sometimes enhanced by inhalation in settings including spraying operations in greenhouses and other closed environments, tractor cabs, and the operation of rotary fan mist sprayers.
  4. Air Blast sprayers, also known as air-assisted or mist sprayers, are often used for tall crops, such as tree fruit, where boom sprayers and aerial application would be ineffective.
  5. Now all you need to do is cover a glass plate or otherwise with the solution-I'd suggest using a mist sprayer or airbrush to spray on a thin film-let the water evaporate then spray on some more ..


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