mist sprayingの例文


  1. Ian Cohen of Pitchfork Media gave the album a positive review, stating, " All songs on Repave begin quietly and almost none stay that way for long, so when those crescendos hit, you re supposed to envision waves crashing on cold, barren outcroppings, white mist spraying as seabirds take majestic flight ."
  2. 1 . ) The Philadelphia Daily News discusses in an interview with Matt Falcone from P . A . W . N . how their most recent event 3D-EDM at Citizen's Bank Park Stadium Parking Lot, which consisted of two area's : a concert stage, and a Drive in Movie Theater included a technology they call " 3D Free Space Holography " in which viewers can see 3D images floating in the air with out the use of special 3D glasses accomplished by projecting laser light over a combination of smoke, haze, and a water mist spraying machine; and that they are the only Movie Theater in the world with this technology . [ 31]


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