mist tentの例文


  1. And, since this is a desert, make sure you take advantage of the free drinking water, as well as the mist tent.
  2. Along with music, the nine-hour festival has a revival tent for poetry and spoken-word readings with local and national talent, a virtual-reality ride, computer displays, mist tents, ethnic foods and vendors of all sorts.
  3. But unlike that and many other large festivals, this one seemed a logistical success, with 950 portable toilets, dozens of food vendors, " mist tents " to cool down participants and plenty of sunny weather.
  4. OZZFEST ( Scranton, Pa . ) _ At the first American stop of Ozzfest 2002, here at the Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, there were no mist tents, smart drinks, California burritos or stimulating sideshows.
  5. In addition to music, the circuslike event offers interactive art and a junkyard environment in the Mean Art Tent, clips from an experimental Yoko Ono film in the Film Tent, the always-packed Mist Tent for cooling off, and local arts at the Lab.


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