modulation transformerの例文


  1. Unlike most other commercial designs of AM broadcast transmitters Ampliphase units do not require modulation transformers nor modulation reactors, thereby saving initial cost.
  2. Sveriges Radio later introduced processed sound to increase sound quality, but this had the effect of the modulation transformer almost reaching its alarm limit.
  3. I still remember that during my visit to Alwaye Hamfest in 92, I saw at the hombrew exhibits many hams practically winding RF chokes, modulation transformers, etc ., etching BFO & VFO pcbs, wiring them on the spot and many needy hams benefited by sharing this kind of homebrewing at a common place, while at the Salem Hamfest in 93 there was a complete hombrew workshop to assemble a HF Tx / Rx being conducted.


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