monitoring deviceの例文


  1. He's wearing a monitoring device .
    彼は 監視装置をつけていた
  2. They wanna know why your student has an electronic monitoring device on him .
    電子監視装置をつけているのか 知りたいそうよ
  3. Why was he wearing an electronic monitoring device ? i didn't see anyone else wearing one .
    なぜ彼は 電子監視装置をつけてたの?
  4. His punishment was eight hours in the reflection room and the electronic monitoring device for two weeks .
    彼の罰は 反省室での8時間の内省と 2週間 電子監視装置をつけることだった
  5. They realized he was missing around 6 this morning activated the electronic monitoring device on his ankle ...
    学校側が 今朝6時頃 彼がいなくなったのに気づいて 足首についてる電子監視装置を作動させ


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