monitoring hardwareの例文


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  1. "' AlertMe "'is a UK smart Tech company that provides energy and home monitoring hardware and services.
  2. Ameritech's security-monitoring unit, called SecurityLink, provides commercial and residential monitoring services, security-monitoring hardware and software, and alarm equipment.
  3. In August 2015, network monitoring hardware was installed on the UC Berkeley campus network at the behest of Napolitano.
  4. Certified CMMi Level2 SCAMPI A ready, Quester Tangent designs, develops and manufactures vehicle monitoring hardware and software for the global rail transit industry, including monitoring and control products, on-train displays, communication and data networks, and passenger information systems.
  5. The system uses energy monitoring software and energy monitoring hardware operating in real-time to detect surplus available electrical energy and route this excess power inventory to computational equipment which both computes virtual currency transactions and creates virtual currency.


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