mooring equipmentの例文


  1. The most noticeable external difference is the covered foredeck, which will protect the mooring equipment from icing.
  2. Formed in 1986 with an office and workshop on NorSea s Dusavik base in Stavanger, IOS began as a mooring equipment supply company to the offshore oil industry.
  3. If the vessel takes these conditions head on, then a lot of the accumulation will occur at the forecastle and on all the mooring equipment which is stationed there.
  4. Remaining work that needed to be done included hull painting, shafting work, completion of electrical systems, mooring equipment, installation of radar arrays, and flooding of the dry dock.
  5. The Vickers design, designated, was intended to be moorable on water, carry mast, a practice that the British were the first to adopt as standard, and " Mayfly " was the first rigid airship to be fitted with the mooring equipment in the nose of the ship.


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