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  1. The Act stipulated that oak mooring posts should be provided at intervals, to indicate the distance from Ferriby.
  2. Downstream are vestiges of the ancient fluvial port with mooring posts, and a cisterns that was situated near the ( now disappeared ) inn and tollhouse.
  3. The ramp was the main exterior feature of the structure, aside from a tall spire sticking up from the center, which was likely intended as a mooring post for dirigibles.
  4. The 1914 OS map shows for the first time a number of mooring posts running along the northern bank of the canal towards Lock 37 from Ferrydyke bascule bridge that were still present in 1937.
  5. With no foundations anchored in the earth, the structure rests on the ground and is fastened to 5-meter-long ( 15-foot-long ) mooring posts with sliding rings, allowing it to float upward should the river flood.


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