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  1. Alcino Mouta and Rui Tavares abstained from commenting on the Italians'handling of the incident.
  2. Alcino Mouta and Rui Tavares from the Portuguese C-130 to the chapel for a funeral service attended by Prime Minister Antonio Guterres.
  3. Indeed, two of the judges, Larry O'Connell and John Keene, are from England, while another, Ken Mouta, is from Japan.
  4. After feeding her and helping her to pee whilst still chained, Oonami is bullied by the muscular Mauta Nandou of the scheming Nandou family, a suitor of Jun . Jun unchains herself and reveals her muscular body and beats up Mouta.
  5. The "'Khmer People's Liberation Committee "'( in Khmer language : " Kana Cheat Mouta Keaha Mocchim Nokor Khmer ", ) was a Cambodian anticolonial movement, formed by " Khmer Issarak " elements on February 1, 1948.


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