1. These meagre woodlands lie north of the hamlet of " Maine-Moutard " and around the hamlet of " Breuil ".
  2. Downstairs, a bistro is packed most evenings with diners gaga over " canard au moutard " ( duck in mustard ) in a city not renowned for its haute cuisine.
  3. Moutard-Diligent also produce a " Cuv閑 Six C閜ages " which uses six of the seven authorized grapes varieties : Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier, Petit Meslier, Pinot blanc and Arbane; the additional approved grape variety being Fromenteau ( Pinot gris ).
  4. The Champagne house Moutard-Diligent in Buxeuil is the only producer of a " Vieilles Vignes " Champagne made only from Arbane, while a few others, including Champagne Aubry and Drappier, produce blends which include both Arbane and other now rare Champagne varieties such as Petit Meslier and Pinot blanc.


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