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  1. The first, Nawal al-Moutawakil of Morocco, won the 400-meter hurdles in the 1984 Los Angeles Games.
  2. The Moroccan social affairs minister responsible for youth and sports, Nawal Moutawakil, welcomed Ali to Morocco and praised his work for children's causes.
  3. The 2001 Mediterranean Games " will make Africa credible in terms of organization, " said Morocco's Nawal el Moutawakil, the women's 400-meter hurdles champion at the Los Angeles Olympics.
  4. One was Nawal El Moutawakil-Bennis of Morocco, the 400-meter hurdles champion at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, and the other Abby Hoffman, formerly one of Canada's best middle-distance runners.
  5. Shouaa is only the third Arab woman to win an Olympic gold medal, after Algerian Hassiba Boulmerak's win in the 1, 500 meters four years ago in Barcelona and Morocco's Nawal Al-Moutawakil in 1984 in Los Angeles in the 400-meter hurdles.


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