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  1. The first book on my own summer list is Diane Irons's " The World's Best-Kept Diet Secrets ."
  2. The songs " My Own Summer ( Shove It ) " and " Be Quiet and Drive ( Far Away ) " were both released as singles with accompanying videos.
  3. ""'My Own Summer ( Shove It ) "'" is a single by American alternative metal band Deftones, their first to be taken from the album " Around the Fur ".
  4. The record was highly anticipated and propelled Deftones to fame in the alternative metal scene on the strength of radio and MTV airplay for the singles " My Own Summer ( Shove It ) " and " Be Quiet and Drive ( Far Away ) ".
  5. I wouldn't rate my own summer quite so highly, squeezed between Peter's medical needs and work, with pockets of time when I lost myself on the Internet, looking for miracles and sharing information about the disease with others on line.


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